Discovering my own city – old Hong Kong

Hong Kong is my home. I was born here, I grew up here, I studied & live most of my life here. It’s a city with “bipolar disorder”. It’s a bustling “city” with… Continue reading

5 Awkard Things of Being a Chinese in China

1. Who am I? People from Hong Kong always have an identity issue. How do we call ourselves? Hongkongers? Hongkie? Chinese? When I am asked, “Where are you from?” Sometimes I’m not sure… Continue reading

The Dilemma of Having Travel Companion or not?

Do you prefer to travel alone? Or with someone else? To me, it’s a dilemma. I have been traveling alone many times that, making me wonder, am I unfit to travel with someone… Continue reading

Hotness of a solo female traveler? (3)

Here comes the rest of my hot stories with the opposite sex. Some less fun ones! 5. The touchy one  Angkor Wat,  Cambodia, 2007 I was with my 2 friends throughout the whole… Continue reading

Hotness of a solo female traveler? (2)

Here comes more “hot” stories of a solo female traveler’s adventure. (The original post was too long & I made that into 2). 3. The young one Piazza San Pietro, Vatican, 2010 After… Continue reading

Hotness of a solo female traveler? (1)

Don’t let the post’s title mislead you. No. I’m not saying I’m pretty, sexy or attractive. As a single traveler in her early 20’s, one can imagine how many catcall and strange conversations I… Continue reading

The first time I flew

The first time I flew on a plane, I was 17. It was the first time I ever left Hong Kong, my hometown. I used the money I saved from the 2-month summer… Continue reading