I have been thinking for a long time to start my own travel blog whenever I read something else’s travel journals. I kept a handy notebook with me noting down thoughts & ideas I had during the trips. Now finally it’s time for me to write something.

I’m not native in English so please excuse me if my posts got any grammatical mistakes.

Traveling is…… sometimes you have that “Bing” (lightbulb lighted in cartoon) in your head when you see a spectacular & breathe-taking scenery. It may be just a piece of endless green land, or a farmer bending down to harvest. And that gives you a little peace of mind at that moment. And you’re contented. It feels like you have wings. None of the material living matters anymore. You’re free from what your own because you experience the wonders of nature and humanity.

That’s why I need to travel.


On the way to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Myanmar