When in London

So here I am, after a 16+ hour flight and delay in Mumbai, I finally arrive in London. The city I embark on my wonderful journey in the coming year.

So this is my tiny little student room…TBH, it’s smaller than I imagined. Thanks to the wide shot they posted on the accommodation website, I thought I would have a bigger space. With ensuite bathroom, what can I ask for?

Time to get used to student life again! Brace yourself for budget living 😉
photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4
A very inhuman & cold feeling corridor. Technically I won’t call this a “flat”. It’s almost like a “cell room” we are all hiding back to.

The view is lovely. Luckily I am given a room facing the park instead of the traffic. You can see pregnant women doing yoga on the grass, or a lovely couple kissing occasionally, when there is sun.


photo 5

So London here I am! Hope I would fall in love with you ;)!


I came to London for pursuing a MA programme at King’s College London.

With its “outrageous” amount of tuition fee & living cost, I would never make it without the Scholarship.

After last year’s failure in losing it (after the final interview), I made it this year. I still remember my eyes were wet when I saw that email popping up on my screen, in one dreadful morning in the office, saying I am selected for the Scholarship.

So I decided to enjoy this year, trying my very best, and blogging is one of them!