My little peace of mind

It has been a while since my last blog post.

Back from Europe for over a month now. I think I’m finally clear of the “post-traveling withdrawal syndrome”. And looking back to the time I spent there, it’s really fab, and I started to realize more of my limitations & what I am capable of.

The first limitation:

One thing that made me panic during the trip was, I may not be able to travel by myself again.

When I was looking at the emerald colored water in Plemmirio in Sicily, when the sun was burning my skin, I thought of this.

I try to burn this image in my brain
Emerald green water
Breezes of the sea
My skin burns under the “sole”
I can’t be happier than this

And I wish to send you all these
Or get you on a flight
And join me at
Plemmirio, Syracusa
Would you?
I closed my eyes & open them. The water just sparkles in front of me. I had this feeling before. The contentedness of witnessing something so memorable & so beautiful. And I always enjoy that on my own, or with newly met travelers.
That was the ever first time, that I felt the urge of having someone next to me to share this amazing scenery.
To be honest, that made me panic. The words, “wish you are here”, appeared in my brain, and it was really scary.
Is it a signal that I’m growing old that my hormones (or whatever?) told me to settle down? Before this happened, I even thought of traveling solo for 6-month to 1-year when I get 30. Can this still happen now?
I don’t like this. I prefer to enjoy the peace of mind by myself.