Adventure Summary Europe 2012

So this is actually my third time traveling alone in Europe, the N time I traveled alone.

What can go wrong? I planned my trip ahead, booked budget airline tickets, booked accommodation, grabbed a Lonely Planet, got a smartphone with me, packed my essentials, also packed some not so useful clothes, beauty supplies & heels…..

What could have gone wrong? When things go wrong, it goes wrong.

It wasn’t that bad. I indeed had loads of fun in this 1-month journey & I think now I know how should I better take care of myself.

Adventure Summary:

Got almost molested 1

Volcano climbed 1

Mt Etna

Airline bankrupted 1

Flight canceled 1

Smuggled for a free illegal train ride 1

Slept in a prison like hole in a police station  1

Polizia, Sicilia

Spent a night on this “bed”

my “inmate”


Spent over €300 on rebooking   1

Got tomato bathed 1

Blurry pic taken by another solo Japanese gal after La Tomatina, what a mess!

Got hit by car 1

Attended wedding 1

Got pick-pocketed 1

Visited police station 2

Madrid Police Station, where you need to take a number & queue for reporting crime

Helpess tourists/locals who got pick-pocketed…


Breathtaking scenery

Plemmirio, Sicily

Agrigento, Sicily
Best preserved Greek Temple & symbol of UNESCO logo


Parties & great food

Party before sunset, Ibiza

Got lost  6

Some good people gave me a lift to a destination 3

Met up with old friends  3

Met new friends >10


Sounds fun, isn’t it?