How do you define your life?

How do you define your life? This question popped into my mind last week, When I was walking along the hundreds of office works at 830am in the morning out of the Victoria… Continue reading

How to live cheap in London

As a student who is living on a monthly scholarship stipend, while most of it goes to the pricey university shoebox accommodation I lived, it is essential to know how to live cheap (but enjoy… Continue reading

Fancy some flesh, an eyeball or a finger this Halloween?

Have you picked your Halloween costume? And decided where to go for some candies on the exciting evening? People told me in London they go crazy about the festival. They go pretty wild… Continue reading

Adventurous and challenging banking experience

My adventure in opening a bank account in England. You thought it’s easy? London is one of the most important banking and financial hubs in the world. What can be so difficult for these brilliant… Continue reading

Frieze Art Fair London

In a city with numerous of free museums and art exhibitions going on every week,  why should one pay £23 to see the Frieze London 2013? It is recognised that the finest galleries… Continue reading

Crowd(Cloud)sourcing the UK constitution?

The first time I heard about this notion,  my immediate response was,  ‘wait a minute, the UK doesn’t have a constitution? ‘. Due to my ignorance and obviously forgotten political knowledge from my… Continue reading

When in London

So here I am, after a 16+ hour flight and delay in Mumbai, I finally arrive in London. The city I embark on my wonderful journey in the coming year. So this is… Continue reading

Between dream & reality

So these days I’m still in my self-created long vacation since I left my last job in mid-August, traveled for a month in Europe and back home for another month. I have been… Continue reading

My little peace of mind

It has been a while since my last blog post. Back from Europe for over a month now. I think I’m finally clear of the “post-traveling withdrawal syndrome”. And looking back to the… Continue reading

Adventure Summary Europe 2012

So this is actually my third time traveling alone in Europe, the N time I traveled alone. What can go wrong? I planned my trip ahead, booked budget airline tickets, booked accommodation, grabbed… Continue reading